Our Mission

The campsite at Moreland's Copse was founded to continue support for local charity PPEDS (Ponies and pets educating diabetics and siblings). PPEDS is a registered charity dedicated to working with children with diabetes in Hampshire, London and the UK as a whole. The PPEDS program was started in 1994 by founder and trustee, Kerie Coutts and her friend, Pedro the Pony. Pedro the pony started it all and so the charity is named after him and his wonderful nature and caring, nurturing attitude. PPEDS started with Hampshire Riding Therapy Centre which ran until May 2019, supporting the charity and creating an environment for children and adults of all backgrounds and abilities to learn all about horses and how they can help with a variety of issues such as mental health, physical strength and a healthy body. The program uses animals as a conduit to learning and understanding the disease and coming to terms with the life changing aspects of being diagnosed with Diabetes.

Kerie herself has been a Type 1 Diabetic since 1977 and understands the challenges facing children following their diagnosis and the impact it has on their daily lives. Over the years she has worked constantly to provide a good platform for the PPEDS program and developing it to suit children and adults alike. The program has become a very important step for many children in their development and has helped a great deal of families understand and come to terms with the disease and what that means for their daily lives. To find out more about the charity or to become part of it visit

It is our aim as a business to promote green living and strongly support local communities and groups so our campsite is an inclusive environment. We provide a safe haven from the rigours of day to day life by allowing visitors to switch off; there is no WI-FI, mains electric or TV! What we do guarantee is that we can provide a safe and nurturing space for people of all ages and abilities, with disabled access and all weather surfaces the site is fully wheelchair accessible and perfect for those who might be unsteady on their feet. This enables visitors to the campsite to make the most of the outdoors, enjoying the canopy, the garden and the local landscape in comfort and safety.

We are excited to provide space for : 

  • Youth groups

  • Schools

  • Community groups

  • Scouts and guides

  • Families - inclusive of those with mobility needs

  • Ramblers and walkers including those with restricted mobility

  • Wildlife trust, environmental groups

  • Individuals/groups interested in bush craft and outdoor projects

We have several spaces to rent and use at the site depending on your individual needs, please visit the camping section of the website to view the spaces and costs involved. The woods here is to be enjoyed by everyone so please get in touch to discuss any requirements you might have. We have a wildlife garden with a willow arch and natural space which is the perfect place to gather for weddings, band practise, yoga..anything you like!!

We are keen on promoting local businesses so if you would like to join us or support us in some way please get in touch via our E-mail and we will be happy to discuss any ideas you might have. The future plan for the site is to include some small low key festivals in which we will provide fun activities for children which will educate about local wildlife and green practices. If you think you have a skill or something that you can bring to use the...


We want to hear from you!! 


Marian Hibbs is an expert on all things flora and has been working for years creating her own range of creams, oils and tinctures at Marian's Kitchen Pharmacy. She has just opened her very own community Herb Garden to help local people to use and work with plants and understand their benefits.

At Moreland's Copse we have a variety of useful plant life that grows seasonally throughout the year. In her walks, Marian will take you through the site and explain what you can find and where it might be useful. She can also guide you through the process of making our very own Moreland's Copse herbal tea!

Medicinal Herb walks start at £20 per person in groups of 6. You will be able to make something to take away at the end of your course. 

Medicinal Herb Walks with Marian Hibbs


Wildlife Exploration Trails with Brian Stone


Brian Stone is a wildlife and nature enthusiast and has spent many years researching and studying the natural world. He has made it his business to be very well versed in all manner of species of bird, insects, mammals, tree's, plants...well you get the idea!

Brian's hands on approach to investigating and studying is quite unique, you will be swept away in his enthusiasm for the natural world and his quite astounding knowledge and expertise. On Brian's first visit to Moreland's Copse he identified 36 species of bird alone! We have an abundance of Wildlife at Moreland's Copse and have been classified as a site of scientific interest, inciting several wildlife studies as well as our own camera traps.

Wildlife Exploration Trails can be catered for a variety of subjects and interests so please specify this when booking. Prices start at £20 per person with a group size of 6 people, duration dependent on subject material


Carve a Staff with Simon Sellick

Simon Sellick is a self taught wood carver, he has started his own business SJS Carvings selling his productions. All crafted with the wood in mind, Simon works on the piece in stages, carefully deciding on design and shapes as he goes. The result is some truly beautiful and unique pieces, such as the green man you see emerging from this stump from our very own woodland! 

Moreland's Copse is coppiced woodland and is managed as such with many lovely, straight hazel limbs to choose from. We cut the coppice periodically in order to maintain it, therefore we end up with some very useful sticks!

Learn to carve and create your own piece of Moreland's Copse, creating a stick from scratch. Prices start from £30 per person.


Getting Weavey with it!!


Here at Moreland's Copse we love to weave, we weave the Hazel and the Willow creating arches and structures and walls and many more things besides!! 

We are always creating new things, if you would like to learn how and be part of creating a new weaving project we would like to hear from you!

Groups can be no more than 6, prices start at £10 per person

Pictures feature from left to right:

Family of Volunteers, Marian Hibbs, Lily Blakeledge (Site manager) and Richard Blakeledge


Volunteering at Moreland's Copse

Here at Moreland's Copse we are always looking for people to be involved in the project, we are strongly involved in the community and like to involve anyone and everyone. The site is a new build and we have a lot of work to do over the coming years so if you fancy a holiday and have a strong work ethic and feel you can help us please get in touch, we would love to hear from you!

Watch our Facebook page for details of upcoming projects and how you can help the charity.

A contact form is available on the front page of our website, please fill this in if you would like to apply for voluntary positions